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Environmental Monitoring

Put our international expertise to work for your business

Environmental Monitoring

Put our international expertise to work for your business

Our focus and main goals

Make a cleaner tomorrow

Sand EnviroTech focuses on 3 key markets. Continuous Emission Monitoring at the pollution source, Air Quality Measurements in cities and industrial parks, and Water Quality Measurement in our rivers and lakes.

We offer

Continuous Emission Monitoring

We offer

Air Quality Measurement

We offer

Water Quality Measurement

Our focus and main goals

The world is facing threats from pollutants

The world is facing a growing number of threats from pollutants. Governments around the world are implementing strict environmental regulations. To improve and protect the environment and meet increasing regulatory requirements, we need to first monitor and measure pollution in order to make a difference in controlling it. That is where Sand EnviroTech fits in.





Business Partners


Identifying the new technology

We have experience in standard distributor agreements, technology license agreements and direct technology purchases and transfer. We manage the process for you to the extent it fits your business.

Find the right products

Expand your perspective

We are always looking for new technology within the environmental monitoring industry.

If you have a product or solution within this field and would like to:

  • Scale your business
  • Explore international growth opportunities
  • Team up with another manufacturer
  • Expand your portfolio
  • Benefit from an experienced board member with international sales and business development expertise

Please contact us to discuss how we might work together.


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Contact and who I am

Meet the man behind Envirotech

I have built my career by building businesses in the instrumentation and analytical industry. As a leader in both small companies and multinational organizations,  I have experience in establishing and managing subsidiaries and third-party business relationships worldwide.

I have seen how important it is to have a clear strategy and to manage these relationships professionally in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

I have lived and worked in Asia, Europe and The United States and have been involved in several M&A activities from the initial phase through integration and consolidations.

In 2017 I started Sand EnviroTech and have since been offering my services on a consultancy basis, as a board member or participant via advisory boards.